Offsite Office CEO David Schnitt Joins Beyond Borders Podcast

This article is a quick digest of key takeaways from David Schnitt’s insightful podcast interview, which you can watch in its entirety here:

Beyond Borders Podcast

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Improving Back Office Processes with Offsite Office Solutions

With the ever-increasing pressure to succeed, streamlining back-office processes is essential for maximizing efficiency and profitability. Offsite Office helps businesses improve their back-office operations by providing access to a global talent pool.

About Offsite Office and David Schnitt

The interview opens with Neil Howard introducing David Schnitt, the President and CEO of Offsite Office. Mr. Schnitt brings a wealth of experience in Management Consulting, which he leverages to help businesses optimize their back-office processes. Offsite Office caters to companies of all sizes, focusing on medium to large businesses seeking to improve back office functions like accounting, finance, HR, and IT.

Beyond Borders Podcast
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Offsite Office: A Unique Approach

What sets Offsite Office apart is its distinct approach compared to traditional offshoring and outsourcing models. Here’s a breakdown of the key differences:

Focus on Talent Management, not Just Location

Offsite Office prioritizes building a dedicated team that seamlessly integrates with your existing structure. Imagine having a qualified accounting team working as an extension of your internal team, even if they’re located in Offsite Office’s Manila office.

Client-Managed Talent vs Defined Processes

Outsourcing often involves handing over the reins of a specific process to a third-party provider. However, offshoring, exemplified by Offsite Office, provides vetted and qualified professionals you can manage directly. This allows for greater control and flexibility, ensuring your team aligns with your needs and work culture.

Offsite Office Services

Offsite Office offers a comprehensive suite of services to streamline your back office operations. These include:

Finance and Accounting

This is their most in-demand service, providing access to skilled professionals who can handle tasks like bookkeeping, accounts payable/receivable, and financial reporting.

Administrative and HR Support

Offsite Office can free up your internal team by providing administrative assistants, tax professionals, and HR call center support.

Rapid Talent Recruitment

Finding the right talent can be time-consuming. Offsite Office prides itself on its efficient recruitment process, which quickly identifies and onboards qualified individuals based on your specific requirements.

Global Reach and Scalability

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Offsite Office has a global reach, with a focus on clients in North America. They also have strategically located offices in Manila, Philippines, and Chennai, India, allowing them to tap into a wider talent pool and offer 24/7 support.

Addressing Talent Retention Challenges

The interview highlights the challenges businesses face in retaining qualified accounting and finance professionals. Offsite Office tackles this challenge by providing access to a talent pool with strong English skills and a desire to work with US companies. This, coupled with their competitive compensation and benefits packages, fosters a positive work environment that reduces employee turnover.


Offsite Office offers a compelling solution for businesses seeking to improve back office processes, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge. By leveraging its global reach, focus on talent management and commitment to client satisfaction, Offsite Office empowers businesses to streamline operations and achieve their strategic goals.

Are you looking for a dedicated, remote Accounting Team? OffsiteOffice can help.

Here at OffsiteOffice, we build remote, offshore accounting teams that work as an integral part of our clients’ operations. We offer the best global talent at cost-effective rates so you can enhance your financial operations and achieve your goals faster. We help you do everything needed to build a team, from helping you design a strategy to recruiting, setting up interviews, onboarding your team, providing infrastructure and ongoing administration.

OffsiteOffice will meet with you to understand your business goals and the requirements for each position and then find the perfect candidates to join your team. We build dedicated teams exclusive to your account that we provide with the infrastructure and tools to work effectively with you. Lastly, we handle the administrative aspects of your team – payroll, HR, etc., so you never have to. All for 1 simple monthly fee.

Contact OffsiteOffice today to learn more about building an effective Global Accounting Team.


Offsite Office caters to medium to large sized businesses looking to improve back-office processes such as accounting, finance, HR, and IT.
Offsite Office focuses on talent management rather than just location, providing clients with a dedicated team that seamlessly integrates with their existing structure. Additionally, clients have direct management of their Offsite Office team, allowing for greater control and flexibility.
Offsite Office offers a comprehensive suite of services including finance and accounting, administrative and HR support, rapid talent recruitment, and global reach and scalability.
Offsite Office has an efficient recruitment process that quickly identifies and onboards qualified individuals based on the client’s specific requirements. This saves businesses time and resources in finding the right talent.
Offsite Office addresses talent retention challenges by providing access to a talent pool with strong English skills and a desire to work with US companies. This, coupled with their competitive compensation packages, helps attract and retain top professionals.

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