We Build Offshore Accounting Teams

Offsite Office builds remote, offshore accounting teams that work as an integral part of our clients’ operations. We offer the best global talent at cost-effective rates so you can enhance your operations and achieve your goals faster.

How Remote Accounting Works

We meet and understand your business goals and the requirements for each position and then find the perfect candidates to join your team.

Offshore Accounting Services

We onboard your team, supply the team's infrastructure and provide ongoing HR, payroll and all administration

About Offsite Office

Offsite Office has over 20 years of experience building offshore accounting teams for our clients.

Offsite Office Offshore Accounting Solutions


It is increasingly difficult to find qualified accounting talent.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of employed accountants has decreased by 17% from its peak in 2019 while salaries skyrocketed. And the number of accounting grads peaked in 2012 and has dropped about 7%.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, there are 300,000 fewer accountants today than there were just a few years ago. It’s simple supply and demand – fewer qualified accountants means higher salaries.


We meet and understand your business goals and the requirements for each position and then find the perfect candidates to join your team.

Once approved, we hire them and provide them with all of the necessary infrastructure to do their jobs - PC’s, office space, internet, email, phone and any applications required.

You manage your team just as you would in your office; they work the jobs, tasks and hours you want.

Offsite Office handles all of the infrastructure, HR, payroll and other administrative functions associated with remote accounting staffing; you just pay a monthly fee for each person.

Offsite Office Offshore Accounting Solutions
Offsite Office remote accounting team


These days, it’s increasingly difficult to find the right talent, especially for hard to find positions such as Senior and Staff Accountants. And the cost of talent is skyrocketing. Without enough talent on your team, the rest of your team ends up being overworked and unable to achieve their goals.

Offsite Office has over 20 years of experience building remote accounting teams for our clients.

We not only recruit professionals with the right skills for your requirements, but also understand the cultural issues to ensure a perfect fit with your company. We also provide training to both you and our team to bridge any cultural gaps and ensure that everyone can work smoothly together.

As one of the largest companies with offices in the US, the Philippines and India, we have the resources, infrastructure and talent to help you get and manage the right team.



Offsite Office’s benefits include:

  • Finding the best talent in a difficult market
  • Cost savings up to 67% versus US or Canadian costs
  • Being able to devote more staff to the team within the same budget
Offsite Office remote accounting staffing
What we do


We meet and understand your business goals and the requirements for each position and then find the perfect candidates to join your team.

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Enhance Your Team

Offsite Office helps you do everything needed to build a team, from helping you design a strategy

remote accounting

FINANCE & Accounting

Offsite Office focuses on finance and accounting talent, from junior to senior roles within a team

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The Best OFFSHORE Accounting Talent

Offsite Office specializes in providing talent from our offices in Manila, Philippines and Chennai, India, where talent is plentiful and finding excellent CPA’s is not a problem.

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Offsite Office provides all of the infrastructure required for your team to be productive​

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Offsite Office has clients that range from companies with revenue from $50 million to $4 billion, although there is really no set size.


Offsite Office helps you build an offshore accounting team to augment your existing team. With the shortage of talent, Offsite Office can provide excellent talent at a fraction of the normal cost, allowing you to staff your team properly and achieve your goals.

Offsite Office has worked with hundreds of companies over the last 20+ years to build teams to help them achieve their remote accounting goals.

No as your Offsite Office team works entirely remotely.
Yes every team member is an at-will employee, so they can be terminated or replaced at any time. We generally though have a one-month minimum.
The cost depends on the specific team members you require. A good rule of thumb though is that you can save normally between 40% and 67% versus US and Canadian costs.
The minimum team size is just one. But we have clients with over 50 members on their Offsite Office team.
Yes all of our remote accounting team members work either in our Manila, Philippines or Chennai, India offices. It is our client’s choice whether the team works in our office or at home full-time, or in a hybrid office/home model.
The schedule your team works is entirely up to you. Most clients ask their team to work their normal work hours so they can interact with other members of their existing team. Other clients like their teams to work overnight to complete tasks so everything is finished when their existing team gets to work in the morning.
Debbie CPA





Debbie is currently the Assistant Controller of a fast growing, $300 million Offsite Office Apparel manufacturer and retailer client.

  • She is a CPA with 7 years of experience in the auditing and finance industry.
  • She started as an auditor at one of the Big 4 accounting firms and afterwards moved to the private sector as an Assistant Accounting Manager and eventually got promoted as an Accounting Head, specializing in the retail and real estate industries.

Her work experience includes:

  • Financial Reporting
  • General Accounting
  • AP
  • AR
  • Budgeting
  • Taxation
  • Treasury.

With these experiences, Debbie has developed deep technical skills and most importantly the management, communication and problem solving skills needed to lead a team.


Join the hundreds of companies that Offsite Office has helped by building a dedicated team that becomes an integral part of your organization, managed by you.




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