Offshore Accounting -
How It Works

How Offshoring Accounting Works

Offsite Office helps you do everything needed to build a remote accounting team.

  1. Helping you design a strategy to augment your current team
  2. Recruiting the right talent
  3. Interviewing prospective team members
  4. Onboarding your team
  5. Training you and your team on how best to work together remotely

We then handle the ongoing administrative aspects of your team – payroll, HR, and so on.

Lastly we provide all of the infrastructure your team needs to work effectively with you.

All for one simple monthly fee.

Design Your Strategy for Offshoring Accountants

offshoring accountants - strategy
We start by understanding your needs – not just open positions but your growth plans and skill sets required.
Then, together with you, design a strategy, plan and timeline to augment your current accounting and finance team with an Offsite Office team to meet all of your goals.
This includes identifying which positions need to be recruited and when.

We then recruit for each open position from our database of excellent talent and find the right candidate to meet your needs.

In addition we try to find talent that fits well within your organizational culture.

Recruiting Offshore Accountants

offshoring accountants - recruitment

Interviews with our Remote Accounting Talent Pool

offshoring accountants - interviews
We next step interviews with you and the candidates via video calls.

Once you give us the go ahead, we will hire the candidates.

All accounting staffing team members undergo an extensive set of background and reference checks.

The team member is then hired on the start date you choose.

Onboarding Offshore Accountants

offshoring accountants - onboarding

Training your offshore accounting staff

offshoring accountants - training
Offsite Office provides both our clients and team members on how to best work together effectively including dealing with any cultural differences and how to manage your remote team.
Any training of your team can be done by you at any time.

Offsite Office provides all of the administrative functions necessary for your offshore accounting team such as HR, benefits, payroll, reviews, raises and so on.

But you manage your Offsite Office team just as you would any other team member.

Ongoing Administration of your remote accounting team

offshoring accountants - administration

infrastructure for your remote accounting team

offshoring accountants - infrastructure
Offsite Office provides all of the infrastructure required for your team to be productive including:
  • PC’s
  • Microsoft Office
  • Google Suite
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Video conferencing
  • Messaging / Slack-like features
  • Office and desks
  • Internet

We will provide all of these offshore accounting services for one monthly fee per team member. That’s it.

offshoring accountants - what are the Fees?

offshoring accountants - fees

Join the hundreds of companies that Offsite Office has helped by building a dedicated team that becomes an integral part of your organization, managed by you.